Hand Painted Pendant

Today’s Etsy fun find is a really cute hand painted pendant made by Twist21.

You can read more about the pendant by clicking on the picture, as well as seeing other great work from Twist21!

Twist21 9.9.09

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The Cobbled Path Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace

Today’s Etsy fun find is from HouseThatCrowBuilt and is a unique silver pendant -very classy and interesting!

Click on the picture to visit this shop and see more great jewelry!

HouseThatCrowBuilt 5.30.04

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I made it to the Front Page of Etsy!

The following collection was curated by Etsy Admin by searching for the word “fiber.”  So, one of my merino wool felted pendants made it to the front page of Etsy!  Very exciting!

Front Page 3

Very Bright Orange Rose

Today’s Etsy Fun Find is a clay rose pendant made by FancifulForm!  It’s stunning!

Click on the picture to visit this shop, read more about how these are made and see other great pieces from FancifulForm!


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Center Stripe on Aqua Pendant

Today’s Etsy Fun Find is a glass fused pendant – these pendants are made through a process of firing in a kiln and are harder than they look!

Click on the picture to visit luckygirltrading’s shop!


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This is a real leaf!!!

Today’s fun Etsy find is a real leaf that has been electroformed and turned into a lovely pendant!

Autumn is my favorite season, so you might imagine that I am a big fan of leaves.

Click on this picture to visit FindingLand’s shop!


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Are you an addict?

I am.  Today’s Etsy fun find is a necklace pendant based on a caffeine molecule!

Here’s what molecularmuse says about this necklace:

This sterling silver pendant is based on the caffeine molecule. It’s about 1.5 inches wide and attached to a sterling silver snake chain that can be adjusted for length between 16 to 18 inches. It closes with a lobster clasp.

Click on the picture to visit this shop!


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