Baby Loafer Booties, crocheted, red, buttons

Today’s Etsy fun find are crocheted baby booties for an unbelievable price!!

Click on the picture for more information and to see other great colors and styles from handmadebabylove!

handmadebabylove 6.29.09

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Ipod/Gadget Sock

Today’s Etsy fun find is a cute knitted sock for your iPod!  The price on this one is unbeatable!

Click on the picture for more info and more great work from NORMandLOU!

NORMandLOU 5.10.09

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Superman Striped Knit Cuff

Today’s Etsy Fun Find is cute and warm!  It’s a knit cuff in a stylish red and yellow made by AroundNBrightlyWound.

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Knit Dish Cloths/Wash Cloths

This is a new item in my mom’s Etsy shop!

These are 100% cotton dish cloths (or wash cloths).

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Welcome my mom to Etsy!

Today’s Etsy fun find is from my mother!

She has a new Etsy shop that you all need to bookmark and, of course, shop from!

Announcing… The Knitting Lady!

Click on the picture to visit her new shop!


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