Grow-ME Flowers Card, Cards that you plant

Today’s Etsy fun find is a combination of a handmade card and a gift that keeps on giving: seeds!

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madetogether 6.22.09

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I Appreciate You Note Cards – Set of 3

Today’s Etsy fun find are a really cute set of note cards made by paperandinkling!

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Sprite Flowers – Lemon-Lime Lucite Flower, Antique Brass Blooming Earrings

Today’s Etsy fun find is a pair of great earrings!  Pictures can make all the difference in the world on Etsy, and not only are these earrings beautiful, the photograph is excellent!

Click on the picture to learn more about these earrings and see more great work from AFineDistraction!


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Very Bright Orange Rose

Today’s Etsy Fun Find is a clay rose pendant made by FancifulForm!  It’s stunning!

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Moss Lounge Pincushion

Today’s Etsy Fun Find is an adorable pin cushion!  I love the colors and the retro/vintage look!

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Pistachio Poppy Coin Purse

Today’s Etsy fun find is a wool felt coin purse by Papavier!  Very cute and very practical!

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Flowers of clay!! Seriously!

These beautiful flowers are made of clay!  Amazing!

Clayflora says: A gorgeous yellow Rose with green leaves handmade from clay and hand-painted.
Measures a full 12 inches high by 3 inches in diameter.

This highly-detailed flower took approximately 3 hours to craft by hand.

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Cute rings… if I do say so myself.

So today, I am featuring my own shop.  🙂

I just added some new pendant designs and rings to my shop today.

I’m including a picture of one of my favorites!  It’s a red lucite flower attached to a silver plated filigree adjustable ring.

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Welcome to The Dandelion!

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Not to waste any time, I’d like to celebrate my new blog by featuring a really cool product that just so happens to feature dandelions! 🙂

These are great wall decals and are perfect for decorating a room with easily changeable and very affordable art.

Here’s what LeenTheGraphicsQueen says about her wall decals:

I LOVE dandelions, they are beautiful, bright and fun. If they were expensive everyone would want them in their gardens, this I am sure of!

This is beautiful dandelion decal features a fluffy dandelion and one that is about to open and reveal it’s bright smiling face (I told you that I love them!) and 10 floating seeds (only five shown in customers pic).

This listing is for a 22″ tall x 8″ wide decal not counting the seeds, they are between 1.5″ and 4″. This is the perfect size for above a headboard or chair rail or buffet maybe even your kitchen backsplash! I have other sizes available in my store.

The graphic for this decal was designed by me and can’t be found anywhere else.

Please see pics for color options.

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